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Welcome to the Basic Literacy Skills website,

On this website you'll find information about how to teach reading to children, teenagers and adults.

I have set out with a seriously ambitious goal: to equip anyone who can read and speak English to be able to teach another English-speaker to read.


What's Available Here?

On this site, you'll find a wealth of information that will make clear to you why there is a literacy problem in the English-speaking world. To learn more about this issue, go to the FAQs & Info section, and look in Research. (Words in bold are headings that can be found in the navigation bar at the top of the page.) The FAQs & Info section also contains information on other literacy-related topics.

If you've arrived here because you're searching for a way to solve someone's reading problem, look at the Articles section. There may be enough information in those sections to solve your problem. There are articles on topics such as: The Alphabetic Principle, the Brain and LiteracyDyslexia Statistics and Symptoms, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, the Principles of Teaching and Whole Word. These articles are available in pdf format, which you are free to print or download and share.

The Teaching Aids section contains a wealth of inexpensive material that can be used with any Phonics-based learn to read program. If you're already using a phonics-based program, but are having some problems, the information in the Teaching Aids booklets might be all you need to solve your problem. These aids are available in pdf format, for easy reading, printing and downloading.

I also offer my own reading course. To learn more about it, see the information below or click Reading in the navigation bar. With my course it takes 25 hours of teaching to provide students with all the information they need to be able to read anything! Then, they just need to practise - they can use my Reader to do that. See the sidebar to download the Reading Course Sample, to see how you can teach someone to read more than 80 words in the next 5 days.


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My Reading Course

With my course, students start to read individual words on the first day.

There is no need for reading to be difficult and painful. You only need to spend a few minutes a day to help your child succeed. And most parents who use my course don't have a lot of time to sit and teach reading. That's why my course has been set out so that the student does most of the work - and after the first couple of minutes, you just listen while you go on doing the household chores!

The course is easy because it's all set out. Every word. You never need to invent work, and your child or student doesn't have to worry about context clues, constructing their own meaning, thinking about which technique to use to read a word, or having to guess. Instead, he or she learns to sound out the words and just read what is actually on the page!

If you're wanting to teach someone to read - I can help you succeed. Teaching someone to read will take you a lot less time and effort than you think. You can teach someone the information they need in 25 hours by spending just a few minutes a day.

Once students have learnt the information in the Reading Course, they just have to apply what they've learnt so they can become fluent, confident, independent readers. If students have had a lot of trouble learning to read, becoming a fluent and independent reader can take up to another 25 hours. And, of course, you can listen to your child read the Readers while you prepare a meal or do other household tasks.

Why does my course succeed, when schools spend years teaching reading, and over 40% of children fail to learn to read well? The difference is that my course makes sense. It's designed to help students understand how written English works.

Schools train students in a way that makes them reliant upon other people telling them what a word is, or trains them to guess. Getting others to tell you what a word is, and guessing are not how written English was designed to work.

My Reading course trains students so they know the building blocks of English, so they can work out for themselves how to sound out all but the strangest words (think yacht and rendevous!).

When you teach someone to read my way, you're only teaching them how each sign (made up of one or more letters) represents a sound they say. Since we say just over 40 sounds in English, once students learn about 40 signs (letters) they can read hundreds of words.

With my course, once students have learnt 2 letters, they read their first 2 words. Then they learn one more letter and can read another 4 words. Learn another letter and they can read another 4 words. Then they learn the fifth letter, and things really take off - because this time they can read another 14 words, for a total of 24 words!

If you look at the Reading Course Sample (in the sidebar), you will see how quickly and easily students increase the number of words they can read.

As you can see, by the end of the first week, the student is reading over 80 words.

And the major difference between my course and what is usually taught in school is that my course teaches how English really works, so students can not only read the words in the course - they can read any word that is based on the information they've been taught! So you don't have to teach your child to read every word in English. You only have to teach how the sounds and letters work, and a few rules - and the student then applies that information and READS!

There is a wealth of information freely available on this site, so feel free to read the Articles and download the Samples.


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